The Vallee Foundation was established in 1996 by Bert and Kuggie Vallee to foster originality, creativity, and leadership within biomedical scientific research and medical education. read more
To promote a collegial community of international scientists, to enhance scientific collaboration and communication, and to advance medical education and biomedical research. 
September 2016
Tyler Jacks and Ari Helenius have both taken their month-long Vallee Visiting Professorships this year. read more
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July 2016
June 2016
2016 is proving to be a banner year for recognition of the groundbreaking work being performed by some of the outstanding scientists associated with the Bert & Kuggie Vallee Foundation.  Here are just a few: read more
March 2016
Congratulations to Feng Zhang (YIA 2013) and Emmanuelle Charpentier (VVP 2015) for being among this year's Canada Gairdner Awardees!   They have been recognized for their work developing CRISPR-CAS as a genome editing tool for eukaryotic cells.  read more
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January 2016
December 2015
December 2015
Five internationally recognized leaders in biomedical research have been named the 2016 Vallee Visiting Professorsread more
The Visiting Vallee Professor program fulfills one of the core missions of the Foundation, which is to enable senior scientists to explore new directions, through spending time away from their own laboratories and administrative responsibilities to conduct research, exchange scientific views, and establish or strengthen collaborative relationships with a biomedical research institute anywhere in the world. We welcome our new Visiting Vallee Professors to the Vallee Foundation community and look forward to working with them in the years to come.
September 2015
Vallee Young Investigator David Tobin and colleagues at Duke University Medical Center use transparent zebrafish larvae to watch in real time as Cryptococcal meningitis takes over the brain.  read more
Bonnie Bassler in Berlin“One of the most fantastic trips of my life.”  Bonnie Bassler (HHMI and Princeton University) has recently returned from a month in Berlin where she spent her VVP sabbatical at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology.    Bonnie Bassler’s group investigates cell-cell communication in bacteria, a process called quorum sensing that controls bacterial pathogenicity.  Arturo Zychlinsky, her VVP host, is a cell biologist and immunologist who studies infectious diseases from the host
August 2015
Bonnie Bassler (HHMI and Princeton University) has recently returned from a month in Berlin where she spent her VVP sabbatical at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology.  read more
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July 2015
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July 2015
May 2015
Susan Lindquist, Member, Whitehead Institute and Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, discovered the functions of heat-shock proteins, identified prions as conduits of protein-based inheritance, and pioneered new platforms for neurodegenerative disease. She established the key role of the heat-shock proteins in tumor progression and the evolution of fungal drug resistance. She discovered that protein-folding buffers and releases genetic variation in response to environmental stress, providing the first plausible explanation for rapid bursts of evolution.
March 2015
Several more members of the Vallee Foundation community are being recognized for their outstanding work this month: read more
David Eisenberg
March 2015
Eisenberg lauded for work on amyloid fiber structure  By Umesh D. Wankhade1 read more
"How nice it is to receive an award named for a scientist whose lectures I heard when I was an undergraduate. But my name as the sole recipient masks the fact that the recognized work is the product of more than a dozen scientists in our group. Perhaps more than most laboratories, we work as a group, with diverse backgrounds and skills combining to produce each finding. We tackle hard problems, gaining confidence from each other that we can overcome the obstacles that we invariably encounter along the path. Much of my pleasure in science comes from our cooperative mode of scientific discovery. –David Eisenberg ------------------------------------ Eisenberg received his award at the ASBMB annual meeting on March 30, 2015 in Boston. His award lecture was on “The amyloid state of proteins.”
March 2015
Image: Professor Suzanne Cory AC PhD FAA FRS (Photographer: Marija Ivkovic)
January 2015
The four lectures cover Suzanne Cory's reflections on where medical science has come from, where it is going to, the importance of scientific research and development to the economy, the environment, and the brain drain.
January 2015
Jerrold Meinwald
October 2014
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September 2014
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August 2014
Protein Homeostasis, Metabolism, and Cancer: read more
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June 2014
Michael Gottesman
April 2014
The Vallee Foundation is delighted to announce the first recipient of the Bert & Natalie Vallee Award in Biomedical Science: Michael M Gottesman. read more