2020 Cascais, Portugal

The 2020 Vallee Summer Symposium will be held in Cascais, Portugal between June 5 and 8. The multidisciplinary meeting of the Vallee community will include presentations from Vallee Visiting Professors (VVPs), Vallee Scholars (VS), and a guest scientist from our host country of Portugal.   We are delighted to count the following outstanding scientists among the speakers:

  • Bonnie Bassler (VVP), Princeton University
  • Emmanuelle Charpentier (VVP), Max Planck Institute of Infection Biology
  • Kay Davies (VVP), University of Oxford
  • Maria Carmo-Fonseca (Guest scientist from Portugal), iMM Lisboa
  • Susan Gottesman (VVP), National Cancer Institute, NIH
  • David Holowka (VVP), Cornell University
  • Tyler Jacks (VVP), MIT
  • Martin Jinek (VS), University of Zurich
  • Martin Lohse (VVP), Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine
  • Samantha Morris (VS), Washington University School of Medicine
  • Gary Ruvkun (VVP), Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Gunnar von Heijne (VVP), Stockholm University
  • Karen Vousden (VVP), Francis Crick Institute


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Cascais, Portugal
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2020 Vallee Summer Symposium